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Should I do Dance lighting or room lighting for my event?

Both lighting options are significant and when together they give an amazing allure. However, if it were to be one and not the other,  I would highly recommend choosing the Dance Lighting. There’s so much our dance lights can do, you should know more about their capabilities so you can make a good decision and have a blast at your party.

Here’s why you should have Dance Lighting.

The dance lighting we use are called “Intelligent Light Fixtures”. The lights move and perform various types of shows. They are controlled by a computer software operated by a lighting tech. We can change colors, shapes and patterns instantly. You may be familiar with Intelligent Lighting from Concerts, TV game shows, and Night Clubs. Intelligent Lights gives that party vibe feel and encourages guests to get on that dance floor as if they were in a night club or concert. Using the same lighting fixtures, we bring that same presence to make your guests comfortable to let loose.

Also, When your having your main course we tone down the Intelligent Light Fixtures to a comfortable slow moving background setting. These Lights also can be programmed to have a spot light which is perfect for an entrance and cake cutting ceremony.

ROOM Lighting are also a great addition. These are multiple stationary lights that are strategically placed around a room. They shine up against the wall illuminating the room to your color of choice. Small Rooms (under 100 Guests) are placed with 15 lights while larger rooms (over 100 guests) We place 25 Lights.. Unlike Intelligent Lights. There are no moving parts. Its a solid light that shines very bright. Some Banquet halls may already offer Room Lighting so Check with them first. Should your hall not offer it, don’t worry we are here to help! We can provide room lighting to accommodate almost any large room.


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