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Will my guests dance at my wedding?

Do you even dance?

 If you’re looking for a sit down party it’s probably in your best interest to just rent a speaker and play background music. However, here with Party Vibe Entertainment you can count on us to get the party going! Of the hundreds of parties and wedding we have performed we have never had a wedding where the guests just sit the entire time, we won’t allow it. We engage the guests and are very interactive. We can safely say we will get a crowd dancing at your event! Most the time the whole party will be packed dancing to our amazing live mixing. With our tricks of the trade we get the job done!

Weddings are so important to our clients. Therefore we make sure it’s remembered as the best day of your lives together!  Thus, we are not just a DJ that just plays music we engage with all guests at your wedding and be sure to include your whole family, the elders, the kids as well as your friends. So allow us to pack that dance floor and have the best night of your lives!

Part of our success is our attentive planning. We go over everything from start to finish with our clients. We make sure we get a great read and note your every detail to how you would like your event to go. Then we prepare! We spend hours on building your custom playlists and reviewing your Event forms that we provide you. We also take a good note to remember the names of your key guests at your wedding Best Man, Maid of Honor and of course the Parents. So whats the big deal and that? We have found that these little deals all amount to big results. Our strategy sets the right direction of your event. Also we have found that the more we know about you and your guests the more we can provide comfort and assurance. In turn gives us your trust and allows us to control your event into a packed dance floor all night long! 

Party Vibe Entertainment isn’t just a DJ company. We don’t just show up to DJ. We plan your night very carefully and give our 100% efforts. This result in a perfect night. You will experience a memorable night of dancing, laughs and great times with your guests. Make the right choice and go with New Jersey’s best DJ company that will keep your party alive and keep the energy high throughout the night.

Lastly, if you’re looking to make your night full of dancing and great time, make the right choice and go with Party Vibe Entertainment. You have one shot to make this day incredible so why take a chance? Go with the sure thing and the best talent in the state. Check out our reviews and our Youtube videos. Be sure to call us today and book your event now!

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